Past Events


Here are some of the events we have already had in the name of Oscars Rainbow to raise money and awareness of SMA. Some of these events are done by Oscars Rainbow organisers and some are by people who want to help raise awareness and money to be donated to Oscars Rainbow. Without people helping us we wouldn't be able to do what we do so we would also like to thank everyone that has been a part of our mission to help sufferers and their families cope with devastating effects that SMA has on our lives. And to help find a cure so that others don't have to suffer in future. If you would like to help us by organising a fund raiser or would like to know about our upcoming events please email us on

When: 27th April 2014

Where: Walk - Rosehill Park, Rawmarsh

Party - Ryecroft Working Mans Club

Event: Sponsored Onesie Walk then Children's Party & Children's Tombola

The walk was a massive success and a great way to celebrate Oscars first birthday. at the moment we have raised £650+ and we are still waiting for sponsor money so keep checking as this will go higher. The weather was excellent and we all enjoyed the walk and party afterwards.There are some photos below but we will have more added shortly so keep checking!



When: 1st March 2014

Where: Monkwood Hotel Rawmarsh

Event: Race Night with Raffle, Auction and Buffet


This was held at the Monkwood Hotel in Rawmarsh. This was an excellent night where we had an auction and sponsored horse races to raise money and awareness for Oscars Rainbow. On the night we raised a massive £1800!!!


When: 27th September 2013

Where: Clifton Youth Club

Event: Sponsored Sleep Over and Bake-a-thon



The children of Clifton Youth Club did a sponsored sleep over. This was organised by Lucy and the staff of Clifton Youth Club. Here's Lucy explaining the nights activities.


The children arrived at 6pm equipped with sleeping bags, pillows and enough sweets to get them through the night :) The fun began with games, crafts, films and our night long bake-a-thon. We stopped for tea at 8.30, hotdogs and pizza all round before more games, crafts, films and of course baking. The games carried on until the early hours, the youngest of our children started flagging around midnight but the others were not giving in. The buns, cakes and biscuits were coming on nicely all ready for our coffee morning. The children were supplied with regular hot chocolates to keep them going. One by one the children dropped leaving 3 girls who made it through the night. The baking was finally finished around 6am.


The next morning the children were woken at 7am by the adults banging pans :) we all sat down together for breakfast before getting all tidied and ready for our coffee morning. All the children stayed to help and with great pride sold their buns along with bacon sandwiches and of course tea and coffee. We had a brilliant turn out including all the children’s families and friends. The photos of the children were shown on a big screen and Oscars rainbow bands and leaflets were all around the room raising awareness for this fantastic cause. The children went home around midday with big smiles and yawns leaving the adults to tidy and count up the money. After collecting sponsor money and funds from the coffee morning the children raised an amazing £392. The children still talk about our sleep over regularly and all wear their Oscars rainbow bands.


Here are some pictures from their sleepover.